The Flowbuster

When the team gets overwhelmed by an unplanned delay and the waiting room fills up with unhappy patients.

In healthcare, unplanned delays are the rule, not the exception. 

Maybe the patient mentions chest pain at the end of a visit when the provider's hand is on the door. Or a complex hospital followup is mistakenly scheduled in a 15 minute block. 

Any of these common problems can delay the schedule, tie up rooms and equipment, and cause breakdowns in communication- which result in further delays and longer wait times for patients.


The SyncTimes Flowbuster

When there is nothing to do because all the work is done.

A well functioning team isn't thrown off pace by unplanned delays. Rather than get flustered and make mistakes, the team needs to step back, assess the situation, and come up with a plan. 

With SyncTimes, assessing the situation has never been easier. All of the team's most important tasks are displayed on a well-placed monitor, and a quick glance gives everyone an understanding of what needs to be done to get back on track.

When situational awareness is front and center, the team is ready to handle the toughest challenges that come their way- all while staying on schedule, giving great patient care, and finishing the day on time. 


Alan Bucknumclinical