Patient Nurse Calling & Surveys

Learn more about how SyncTimes can help automate patient nurse calling and surveys.

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Tablets in exam rooms allow patients to complete surveys or trigger a nurse call when staff are not present.

Patient surveys

When a patient is alone in the exam room, the tablets inside the room can show patient education, basic surveys, and nurse calling options.

Notification trigger

When a nurse call is triggered, the support staff for the room receive an audible, visual, and/or phone alert. When they respond to the nurse call, the request is automatically cleared.

Survey analytics

Patient survey responses are logged and made available through analytics. These responses can also trigger immediate service recovery, notifying practice managers or members of the care team.

“I will add my praise here as well.  I wasn’t 100% certain this would be as useful to us as, say, it would be for a medical facility, but after some skepticism and seeing what this can do and is doing, I find it an extremely useful tool – and we’re only 24 hours in.  Your time in coordinating this is well-spent by my perspective, and I thank you for getting us connected."
- Leilan, MA, CPXP (TCC)

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A screenshot of the SyncTimes tablet