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We believe in the power of community and the importance of giving back. SyncTimes Gives connects our employees with the communities where our customers and their patients live and work.  

Each year, every SyncTimes employee dedicates one paid day to volunteer at a customer community health center. Through the program, our team assists in outreach and patient care efforts, making a meaningful impact on community health.

synctimes gives

SyncTimes Value

We treat our clients, their patients, and our team as VIPs. We learn peoples’ names, interests, and work.

With SyncTimes Gives, we build community and help others feel valued as individuals
and as an organization.

SyncTimes Gives Goals

Enhance Community Health: Through volunteering, SyncTimes employees support community health centers in ensuring underserved populations receive the essential health services and care they need.  

Employee Engagement: The SyncTimes Gives program nurtures a sense of purpose and fulfillment among our employees, boosting morale and job satisfaction by allowing them to give back to the community.  

Community Connection: Serving alongside community health center staff helps SyncTimes employees build lasting relationships with communities where our customers and their families reside.  

Deepened Understanding of Customers: SyncTimes employees will deepen their understanding of our customers and their patients’ needs, providing insight into how we can improve in meeting those needs.  

Program Activities

  • Patient Outreach
    Assisting with outreach events, educational initiatives, distributing informational materials, and helping patients understand the services available to them.
  • Support Services
    Providing logistical support such as organizing health records, assisting with appointment scheduling, and managing patient flow.
  • Direct Patient Care
    Contingent on needed qualifications and training, employees may assist with basic patient care tasks under healthcare professionals' supervision.
synctimes gives

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