Clinical Workflows

The SyncTimes Clinical Workflow Communication System saves time and simplifies work for providers and care teams through easy visual communication.

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A hallway picture showing SyncTimes tablets stalled next to exam room doorsView of a synctimes tablet screen

Visual management tailored to your workflows

Customized icons indicating next steps

Your SyncTimes Coach will help your implementation team define a custom set of visual icons to align with existing workflows. This icon set can easily be customized as your team migrates additional workflows into SyncTimes.

Audible & customized alerts

Each icon is configured to trigger a specific alert. Some icons may play a sound in a nurse station, a code icon may trigger a code blue intercom call, and others may require a text sent to an integrated behavioral health provider.

Flexible automation to adapt to your flow

Icons can be activated automatically for a patient's arrival, departure, and after the passing of time. They can also be deactivated automatically when a specific user type enters or exits the room.

Patient nurse calling, surveys

When the patients are alone in the room, they can trigger a nurse call, respond to a survey, or view patient education on the tablet in the room.

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A screenshot of the SyncTimes tablet