Real-time locating

SyncTimes real-time locating (RTLS) makes it easy to quickly locate staff and equipment throughout your health center.

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Passive infrared real-time locating

No manual logging required

Staff wear a small beacon on their ID badge, and their location is updated in real-time. Locating happens passively, without any need to manually scan or write down patient visit times.

Fewer interruptions to care

Tablets outside each room show which staff & equipment are in the room with the patient.  This reduces interruptions to patient care and saves precious time for care teams.

Simple searching for staff & equipment

Rather than wandering halls, staff can find team members or equipment type through a search bar available on their desktop.

Accurate resource utilization analytics

Accurately logging staff and equipment locations enables operations to analyze utilization of staff, equipment, and rooms.

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A screenshot of the SyncTimes tablet