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I love being able to communicate with the staff from inside the room. I also love being able to walk away and go to the next patient and not worry about tracking someone down to discuss the patient’s plan.
— Physician's Assistant

Traditional healthcare processes lose track of time once a patient walks through the front door. Busy doctors and nurses scurry between exam rooms unaware of what is happening in the waiting room, while patients practice their patience as time crawls by. SyncTimes aligns busy healthcare professionals with their patients, improving the patient experience and increasing overall efficiency.


We equip each exam room with interactive devices that inform healthcare professionals of the time that has lapsed since the patient’s last interaction with a member of the team.


Healthcare professionals use these devices to communicate as a team from inside or outside the exam room.  With one touch a practitioner in the exam room can request patient immunizations, follow up appointments, radiology, lab work, or any other service. The healthcare team is alerted, allowing them to anticipate and prepare for the next step in the patient care cycle. 


Care teams are able to monitor groups of exam rooms at a glance from their workspace.  They can see which staff members are in which exam rooms, how long they have been with the patient, which patients are to be seen next and how long they have been alone in the exam room.  Audible cues alert care teams to events, such as a provider requesting a nurse.


Patients in the waiting area remain informed about the status of their visit through visual displays showing anticipated wait times.

About US

Our company is founded by tenured healthcare professionals who have committed themselves to improve the patient experience. Our simple tools are the result of decades of experience managing busy practices and identifying inefficiencies in the care process. SyncTimes came about as an effort to allow care teams to communicate effectively and improve the patient experience.


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