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Our Impact

Decreased patient alone time in the exam room
Increased productivity (visits per provider hour)
Increased average patient time with support staff & provider
Increased top-box patient satisfaction measured at the point-of-care
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"Super easy system to use! This is exactly what our office needed, we are working together even better than before!"

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“I save so much time because I can easily locate my co-workers and equipment from my laptop.    I used to spend a lot of time looking for providers and vitals carts overall impacting the patient’s wait time. I love how I can get alerts on my desktop or phone when my provider needs something.”

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Kim, CMA
CMA Team Lead & Workflow Governance Team Lead
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“SyncTimes is a great system, makes work easier, creates better workflow, organizes care to patients, easy to use, intuitive, great technology and good and fast service.”

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Luis, DDS
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"The SyncTimes program has streamlined both our medical and dental workflows and provided us with real-time views of our patients’ experiences.  The data we can access helps us determine if changes within our systems are working and helps us identify areas that we can improve on quickly. We have found it to be easy to customize and easy for our teams to use making, making adoption quick and seamless."

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Tawni, MHA
Risk Manager
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"I enjoy working with Synctimes because we don't have to wait on the doctor to tell us what the patient needs.  All we have to do is to look at the screen.  Thanks for the improvement."

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"The technical and administrative staff at SyncTimes is highly responsive and efficient. The company's technology was deployed as planned, with all initial programming in place and functionality and utilization has been uninterrupted since. The staff and providers immediately reported positive feedback on the enhanced communication it brought to our venue, and are seeing the benefits of better data and more efficient workflow."

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Bill Rosenfeld, LPC
Chief Operations Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of frequently asked questions, if your question isn't listed here, please reach out to us!

How does the SyncTimes real-time locating system work?

SyncTimes RTLS is a completely automated system powered by infrared. More Information about RTLS can be found here.

What are the IT requirements?

We keep this simple for your IT team – we supply the displays, the network hardware, and even bring our own patch cables. We work with your IT department to facilitate a direct connection to an ISP, then remotely manage the network hardware and other devices. We work with your IT department’s preferred cabling contractor to run CAT6 to each of the tablets. As new technology becomes available, we’ll upgrade devices at no charge. More info can be found here.

Does SyncTimes integrate with our EHR?

The short answer is yes - in many ways. SyncTimes pulls check-in and check-out data from your EHR and merges that information with the room utilization data that SyncTimes automatically generates at every exam room. Patients initials or first name and last name initial can be displayed on room tablets and SyncTimes displays. Your EHR is probably really good at coding, scheduling and maintaining health histories. SyncTimes excels at patient flow, communication and operational data collection. SyncTimes works with your EHR to improve the staff, provider and patient experience. Click here to find out more.

How will we be able to access our analytics?

We believe in the power of data, especially when shared transparently. All analytics can be accessed through the SyncTimes application. More info can be found here.

How does pricing work?

We charge an implementation fee and an annual subscription for support and software. The subscription includes full technical support, a dedicated client success manager, a full lifetime warranty for all devices, and access to our continually-improving software.

What does life after purchase look like?

If you don’t succeed, we fail. Your SyncTimes coach will work with IT & clinical staff to identify ideal locations for the SyncTimes devices, which we will install during non-working hours. Day one usually consists of 30-minute training for each shift, and we stick around to answer questions and help the team get up and running. The system, just like anything new, takes some getting used to but becomes a habit in just a few weeks. We coach managers and staff on improving workflows and utilizing the reporting, which typically consists of a 20-minute call on a weekly basis for as long as is needed. We will then provide executive summaries on a regular basis to track and improve the process.

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