Reduced Cycle Times,

A Better Patient Experience

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At SyncTimes, we're committed to helping clinical teams and their patients have a better day to day experience. 

Patient centered care is what we do best.


Our Impact

Clinics using SyncTimes have more satisfied patients, more productive staff, and more relaxed, focused providers. 

more time with providers

3 minutes

When providers know they have more time to spend with patients, they spend more time.

Less Time Alone

8 minutes

When providers and staff  know how long each person has been waiting, they prioritize their work better, and get to the patient sooner.

Decrease cycle times

15 minutes

When the team is communicating better, patients get in and out more quickly.


How we do it

Our approach to improving the clinical experience is simple. We place touchscreen devices in exam rooms and around the clinic, and the team communicates routine tasks by selecting icons to inform the rest of the team. 

Care team communication

Care Team Communication

Using the SyncTimes tablet inside the exam room, you can call an MA or Nurse, communicate the care plan, or notify the behaviorist when they are needed. 



Flowstations are placed throughout the health center to allow each member of the care team to communicate and locate team members. Without searching the entire clinic. 

Prioritizing Tasks

Prioritizing Tasks

Know what task to perform next based on a snapshot of each patient’s needs.

Cycle Time Breakdown

Cycle Time Breakdown

Analyze and Improve

Track cycle times and productivity through the SyncTimes dashboard. Identify changes that need to be made to optimize the patient experience and care team productivity.



"I love being able to go on to my next patient without worrying about tracking someone down to explain the plan. This gives me extra time to spend with my patients, which is is hard to come by these days."

Casey Wyatt, PA-C

Wenatchee, WA 



“We were able to add more patients to our panel.  In the first 6 months of working with SyncTimes, one of our sites added over 400 visits.” 

Deon Stewart-Miles, AVP Nursing

Spring Valley, NY


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