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Mariposa CHC Safety and Code Blue Drills

Many clinics face challenges with ensuring workplace safety for staff and patients. The right safety tools empower staff.

SPRINGVILLE, Utah, May 22, 2024 - Mariposa CHC Nurse Lead Gaby Calvillo joined SyncTimes Founder and CEO Alan Bucknum in a webinar to discuss how Mariposa is investing in safety tools and proactively training staff to confidently handle various health emergencies including code blues.

Code blues occur when a patient has an unexpected cardiac or respiratory arrest, and is an emergency that demands immediate, effective response from a healthcare team. Mariposa Community Health Center experienced a stressful code blue. The series of events may resonate with your clinical team:  

  • Chaotic, stressful response
  • Delayed response time (3-minutes)
  • Undefined roles
  • Needed equipment not arriving at the location of the code

Gaby Calvillo, a proactive nurse lead at Mariposa, began regular code blue drills to prepare staff for the emergency. Staff train in various health emergency situations, in all different clinic locations (front desk, exam room) and throughout all departments that see patients. The drills have increased staff confidence and competency, and positively impacted the outcomes of code blues.  Results since implementing code blue drills:

  • Chaos reduced  
  • Staff communication increased  
  • Care team roles defined
  • Response times less than 1 minute
    • (Pst! That’s a 33% decrease in emergency response times!)

Check out this webinar clip! Gaby explains the why and how behind regular code blue trainings.

How do SyncTimes safety tools benefit care teams during health emergencies?

SyncTimes provides healthcare facilities and staff members with communication tools allowing staff to call for help with the push of a button. Tablets inside and outside the exam room allow staff members to push customizable icons, alerting the entire team of different emergencies that need different types of responses. Code blues, rapid response, duress, active shooter, security alerts, etc., are all emergencies healthcare teams face that require different responses. Below are a few examples of Mariposa CHC utilizing the SyncTimes safety tools to better care for patients and support staff:

Cross Department Communication:

A patient receiving x-rays in the radiology department began to have a seizure. The Mariposa radiology team went to the SyncTimes tablet in the room and pushed the icon their team had classified as “rapid response”. The nursing department, across the building, immediately received notification on multiple devices throughout the facility. The nursing staff knew what department and what room they were needed in, and what type of situation they were responding to. The designated nursing staff arrived in the radiology room quickly and started providing treatment to the patient.  

Patient Falls:  

A provider and patient were alone in an exam room when the patient began to feel worse. The patient passed out and fell to the floor. The provider, catching the patient, fell to the floor as well. The provider wanted to stay by the patient’s side and could not reach the tablet across the room. Equipped with a wearable SyncTimes badge, the provider pushed a duress button on the badge. The care team immediately received notification that there was an emergency along with the exam room number. Staff were able to arrive and assist the provider and patient in minutes.  

Care teams like Mariposa are creatively responding to emergencies by customizing SyncTimes to meet their clinical needs. SyncTimes provides a partnership for your organization and helps you protect your staff and patients.

About SyncTimes

SyncTimes’ solutions help healthcare organizations improve communication, enhance exam room utilization, and increase the patient, provider, and staff experience. They specialize in community health centers, critical access hospitals, and ambulatory surgical centers and integrate with your EHR. KLAS Research identified SyncTimes as a Top 20 Emerging Solution in the healthcare space: “SyncTimes provides a workflow and communications solution for clinics that improves patient intake and processing efficiency, which drives higher levels of patient satisfaction. RTLS technology is used to assess the time patients are waiting for service and can also be used to help optimize the use of exam rooms and medical equipment in the facility. Communication functions identify patient service tasks pending for completion and allow providers to contact support staff as needed.”