Making Technology Easy

We know what you're thinking.

Another technology.

Another headache.

We've been there. Our founding team includes healthcare IT professionals who have implemented everything from new EHR systems to new network topographies.

So, let's clear the air.

  1. Nothing is worse than your brother/niece/mom visiting and using your internet connection to stream Netflix onto 23 devices. So we bring in an independent internet connection for our devices. And we manage it ourselves. You're welcome.
  2. We warranty all hardware installed as part of our system. And we upgrade it as needed. For no extra charge.
  3. Typically, care teams need about an hour to learn the system. We take time with each new team to make sure any questions are answered, because every department's flow is unique.
  4. We host and share a link to your dashboard, which automatically updates nightly. No extra passwords needed.
  5. Every EHR integration takes longer, has more glitches, and costs more than expected. SyncTimes is a standalone system. We like it that way, and your ROI will too.

We have been in your shoes. We keep it easy.


Alan Bucknumadmin