SyncTimes Training

Foundations Training
(Monthly - 1 Hour)

This monthly training is designed for a new SyncTimes user, or those who feel like they could use a refresher. During our 1-hour together we cover the SyncTimes basics including using the beacon, tablets and flowstations, icons and icon responses, creating notifications, customizing personal flowstations and locating helpful information.

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Reports Overview
(Every Other Month - 1.5 hours)

Familiarize yourself with each of the SyncTimes reports including where to access reports, what the various reports are used for and discuss best practices for practical application. This is a prerequisite course for the Reports Collaboration training.

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Illuminate Advanced User Group
(Monthly - 1 hour)

The Collaborative is designed to be highly interactive and allow attendees to discuss best-practices, specific use cases and dive into advanced reporting functionality. Objectives for this event include:

- Exploration of advanced reporting features
- Understanding tactical and strategic use cases for clinic data available in SyncTimes
- Collaboration with other SyncTimes users about best practicies for accessing and using data
- Practical next steps for the utilization of data in your clinic
- Invitation to continuously attend the Advanced Data & Reporting Collaborative to share results and continue to collaborate with SyncTimes partners

Attendess should have already participated in the SyncTimes Reports & Data Foundations Training.

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