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Emergency Alerts

In an emergency at your health center, ease and simplicity are critical. SyncTimes gives teams the ability to quickly and effectively notify other in the midst of health and security-related emergencies.

Emergency Alert Icon


Alert security from inside the exam room with a single tap from the exam room tablet. Applicable personnel are immediately notified to assist in resolving the issue.

Code Blue

Automatically alert assigned staff members in the event of a medical emergency. The location of the emergency is immediately communicated via SMS, visual displays in nurse stations, and audible alerts.

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Overhead Paging

Reduce manual processes and improve response time by integrating your overhead paging system with SyncTimes' alert icons. In case of an emergency, not only will the SyncTimes devices sound the alert but it can also automatically activate your overhead paging system.

Wearable Safety Badges

The SyncTimes safety badge includes a button that enables staff to trigger a support call from anywhere. The resulting action of the button push can be customized to meet specific needs.

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