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exam room device 101

Learn the basics of the Exam Room Device and how to add patients to a room. 

FlowStation 101

Learn the basics of the FlowStation and how to assign devices to a provider.

SyncTimes Data Dashboards

Learn how to use the SyncTimes data dashboards to analyze patient cycle times, exam room utilization, and overall care team productivity. 

System Utilization Report

How to measure SyncTimes usage and effectiveness in your Health Center. Displays the average number of times a member of the care team badges in during a patients visit and the average number of actions used per patient.

Icons Report

This report is designed to inform you of how SyncTimes is being utilized by tracking the number of times action icons are being selected.

Updating/Adding Users

This article explains how to add or update users that will interact with SyncTimes devices or the Cesium.SyncTimes admin page. 

Updating/Adding Badge Tokens

Badge tokens are the unique numbers that accompany an RFID badge. This article will explain how to add/update these numbers and assign them to users. After a user is assigned a token, SyncTimes will allow them to badge in and out of exam rooms.


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