Patient and Care Team Experience

What we really care about is the patient and care team day to day experience. This is the dashboard that we use to measure that experience.  

First, we will cover what each section of this dashboard represents. Second, this article will explain how to drill down into the data to get a closer look. 

Top Ribbon: 


1: This pie chart is a snap shot of 3 key metrics over the last week: the amount of time the patient is alone in the exam room, with an MA/Nurse, and with a provider.

2: Use this line chart to observe how long, on average, patients are waiting alone in the exam room. This will change as you modify the timeline selector.

3: Use this line chart to observe how long, on average, exam room cycle times are. This will change as you modify the timeline selector.

4: Timeline Selector: Slide the circles at either end to adjust the time period that you would like to analyze.

Main Graphics: 


1: Visits per Provider Hour: this graph is the average number of visits per hour that a provider(s) is in the clinic.

2: Patient Experience in Exam Room: similar to the pie chart above, this graph represents the patient experience by displaying the amount of time the patient is alone in the exam room (red), with and MA/Nurse (green), and with a provider (blue).

3: Provider Time with Patient per Hour: This graph represents the average amount of time that a provider(s) is spending with patients for every hour that the provider is in the clinic.

4: The top row of these graphs displays the data on a time series that you can modify using the timeline selector.

5: The bottom row of these graphs displays the data by site/provider (keep reading to learn how to filter and sort the data)

Navigating the Data 

By default, SyncTimes dashboards are displayed at the organization level. You can view the graphics by site or provider, however, in addition to viewing it by year, month, week or day. 

First, you can adjust how the data is viewed by week, month, etc., by right clicking on the bar chart and selecting ‘Show Next Level’.


Next, to refine the data by site, department, or provider, right click on the graph representing the site that you would like to view. Then select 'Drill Through' > 'Site View'. 


You will now be able to view data for the providers of the selected site. To drill down even more on the provider level, repeat the previous process for the desired provider. 


This will bring you to a dashboard dedicated to that provider:


This page contains a log of the provider's locations by date and time. It also allows you to drill in on the exam room (bottom right). Just right click on the exam room and drill through to view the exam room details.  


By drilling in on an Exam room, you can observe how heavily the exam room is being utilized by day and over time. Studying exam room utilization can be key to increasing productiviy by modifying scheduling practices. To learn more about exam room utilization, we recommend visiting out Exam Room Utilization Report article. 


This was a brief overview of how to interpret and use the SyncTimes Patient and Care Team Experience Dashboard. If you would like additional help with this data, please contact us and we would be happy to help. 

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