About SyncTimes

Here at SyncTimes, we are hard at work to improve the Patient experience in exam rooms all over the country. We accomplish this by simplfying the Care Team communication process and cutting down the time your patients spend alone in the exam room. The result: happier patients and more of them. 


Patient Centered

We give Care Teams an insight into the patient experience. With SyncTimes, you can be aware of exactly how long the patient has been waiting alone in the exam room. Or how long they have been in with the provider, nurse, or MA. This information empowers Care Teams to structure their time efficiently around the patient. Enabling them to see more satisfied patients each day.


Care Team Communication

Using the SyncTimes tablet inside the exam room, you can call an MA or Nurse, place orders, or notify the behaviorist when they are needed. 


Prioritizing Tasks

Communicate information through the tablets inside and outside the exam room such as: where you are, what you are working on, and what or who is needed next. 



Flow stations are placed throughout the health center to allow each member of the care team to communicate and locate team members. Without searching the entire clinic. 


Analyze and Improve

Track cycle times and productivity through the SyncTimes dashboard. Making it easy to identify the changes that need to be made to optimize the Patient experience and Care Team productivity. 

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