"I like waiting here"


-Nobody. Ever.


               What we do

Remember the last time you were at the doctor's office? Perhaps you had to wait for too long, or felt like things were rushed. Healthcare is hard work, so SyncTimes is here to simplify it.

We know how much doctors care about their patients and we exist to help them do just that. Our simple tools are the result of decades of experience managing busy practices and being patients ourselves. We know how you feel. And now, we have the solution to make it better.



It's all about YOU.

Revolutionizing the patient experience is what we do. We are continually evolving to maximize efficiency for doctors to get you in and out as conveniently as possible.

We make it possible for your care team to know how long you have been waiting, and what you need next. Your experience as a patient is central to everything we do.


Let's talk

We're ready to help your clinic have a better experience. Our team includes healthcare administrators, IT professionals, data analysts, business pros, and providers, so we can answer questions from any angle.  Just fill out the contact form and we'll be in touch!