Exam Room Utilization Report

The Exam Room Utilization dashboard is designed to give you an idea of how heavily your exam rooms are being used. This article will explain how to interpret and navigate through the Exam Room Utilization report.

Click here for a video tutorial on the Exam Room utilization Report.

From the landing page, select the Scheduling link:

scheduling link.PNG

By default, the provider scheduling report will appear as a heat map. To switch to the Exam Room Utilization Report, select the ‘Rooms’ button:

rooms button.PNG

Generally speaking, red means the exam room is seeing relatively few patients per hour. Green means the exam room is seeing a relatively high number of patients per hour.

The percentage inside each time slot represents the percent of capacity that the exam room is being used at.

Note: 100% utilization is based off a 4-day week with one visit per room per hour.

Use the time line selector to select the desired time range.

Use the drop down menus on the left to select the site, department, provider, and day that you would like to view.


Best practices:

  • When providers are limited to 2-3 exam rooms, productivity, cycle times, and exam room utilization improve.

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