The Rough Start


Upset patients make for difficult visits.

You walk in the room, and your next patient looks annoyed. You know she has been waiting a little longer than usual, but you didn't think you were this far behind. She lets you know they've been waiting there for 30 minutes!

She thinks you forgot about her, and she is even more anxious than when she came in.

The visit ends up being more difficult than usual. Your patient seems to question everything you suggest, keeps bringing up new problems, and seems like a totally different patient than last week.

The SyncTimes Start

Situational awareness reduces anxiety and makes for better visits.

With SyncTimes, you can see exactly how long the patient has been waiting alone in the room right before you walk in. Instead of starting off trying to regain trust, you can start with an empathetic apology, and the patient won't wonder if you are out of the loop. 

Experienced clinicians know that relaxed, confident providers and validated, appreciated patients have more productive and efficient visits. It all starts with a little awareness. 



Alan Bucknumclinical