If the latest and greatest tech is supposed to make our lives easier, why do we hate it so much?

New technology must be easy to use and simple to really help.  

In 2015, 46% of smart phone users were using an iPhone. Why?

Apple's products are easy to use. They keep things simple.

“If a product is not easy to use, it is worthless.” *

Care teams don’t care what coding language their software vendors use.

They care about their patients. And vendors can too.

At SyncTimes, we believe that the right fit means everything.

We put in the hard work to keep things simple.

Care teams learn to use our system in under an hour.

Then, they use it to better care for patients.

K.I.S.S. (Keepin’ it Simple: SyncTimes.)


Commit to providing your patients the best care, without the hassle of complicated technology.


*See the full article here

Alan Bucknum