The Patient Experience, Quantified

How do patients really spend their time in the back office?

At SyncTimes, we've found that most patients spend around 42 minutes in the exam room during a primary care visit. Of that time, roughly 5 minutes are spent with an MA, and around 14 minutes are spent with a provider. This doesn't surprise anybody.

What does surprise care teams, however, is what the remaining 22 minutes represents. This is time the patient spends alone in the exam room.

So, why are patients spending so much time alone? They are spending around 2 minutes waiting for an MA or nurse, 8 minutes waiting to finish the visit (usually for labs or a discharge summary), and 12 minutes waiting for the provider.

To a care team, these times feel like seconds. To a patient alone in the exam room, 22 minutes feels like an hour. It's over half their time in the room!

We find the biggest challenge here is transparency. Patients and care teams tend to be on different pages regarding their experiences.

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Alan Bucknumadmin