During a visit to Toyota's facilities, a medical team showed a production manager the floor plan of their facility. The Toyota sensei (manager), curious about the many waiting areas, asked, "Who waits there?"

"Patients," the team responded.

"What are they waiting for?"

"The doctor."

"You have one hundred waiting areas where patients wait an average of forty-five minutes for a doctor?"

He paused and let the question hang in the air, and then asked, "Aren't you ashamed?"* 

The journey to provide a patient-centered visit has only begun.

The time to redefine the patient experience is now.

Both technological and cultural revolutions need be made to make it possible. 

Let's redefine the patient experience together.

*Adapted from Transforming Health Care - Virginia Mason Medical Center's Pursuit of the Perfect Patient Experience by Charles Kenney


Alan Bucknum